A sampling of our Friesian Sporthorse program, ALL sired by Friesian stallions

Daen x Gabal Layla (Arabian)



The wonderful mare that started it all

1994 - 2008

Daen x Cherish (Egyptian Related Arabian)



Recently we received this new picture and message from her owner...

Just wanted to give you an update on Rainy. I bought her from you before she turned 2 years old and still have her near Charleston, SC. She is a most amazing animal!! Elegant, brave and strong. I have shown her dressage successfully but we tired of that pretty quickly. I love being out in the woods and so does Rainy. We trail ride and camp. We especially love hunter paces. She is so fantastic. I just wish you could see her trot and canter. The stride length and action are truly amazing. She has such a sweet nature and is so friendly. With her looks she always attracts people and they always ask about her breeding.

Rainy matured out at 16hh and maintained the elegant length of leg with a solid body. She is very smooth to ride at all gaits. On the trail, she can manage any obstacle and is so athletic that she manages any conditions. From the beach to the mountains, we have traveled all over the Carolinas and have so much fun together.

Just because we like trail riding best doesn't mean that we have totally given up the dressage work. She can do it all - including tempe changes.

Thank you for breeding this wonder horse. She will be with me for life.

Allison Rhyne

Daen x SL Alicia (Straight Egyptian Arabian)






Their little full sister, MOOIE ZWAAN (2001)

Daen x Savanna Rose (3/4 Arabian, 1/4 Saddlebred)





Daen x Jadzia (Daughter of Eagle El Hilal)

DAEX (2001)

CURZON +++// (2002)

The +++// symbol means that the horse has won both a Legion of Masters and Legion of

The Legion of Masters means any combination of AHA-recognized events.
Requires one national top ten or better and one regional top five or better or two national top tens or better.
The Legion of Excellance requires regional top five or better or national top ten or better in breeding/in-hand plus regional top five or better or national top ten or better in performance. One win must be at the national level.

These are the highest honors that can be earned in the Arabian Horse
Achievement Awards Program.

We are very proud of Curzon +++// and his owner, Patricia Harper of Grantville, Ohio.

2011 accomplishments:

USEF Reserve National Champion FEI combined Amateur

USEF Regional Champion 4th level

USEF Regional Reserve Sport Horse, 3rd Level and 4th Level Amateur

USDF all breed award 3rd place AHA 4th level

See Patricia and Curzon +++// at the 2012 Ohio Equine Affair...."How to ruin your dressage horse in less than 6 minutes"

GARAK TNT (2005)

(now registered as Genius Ov Daen)

2012,we have been able to get in touch with the new owner of G, he is now owned by Renee Carter of Columbus, Ohio.

He is starting his career in dressage like his big brother.



Wizard x Jadzia (Daughter of Eagle El Hilal)


Daen x KA Narya (Daughter Eagle El Hilal)



Western Carolinas Spring Show HA/AA Mounted Native Costume Champion 2009
Western Carolinas Spring Show HA/AA Country English Pleasure AT Champion 2009

Region 14
Top 3 HA/AA Country English Pleasure AO Championship 2008
Top 5 HA/AA Country English Pleasure AT Championship 2008
Top 4 HA/AA English Show Hack AO Championship 2006

Region 12
Top 3 HA/AA Country English Pleasure AO Championship 2008
Top 5 HA/AA Country English Pleasure AT Championship 2008
Top 4 A/HA/AA Walk/Trot Pleasure 10 and under Championship 2007
Top 5 HA/AA English Show Hack AT Championship 2006
Top 5 HA/AA Country English Pleasure AO Championship 2006
Reserve Champion A/HA/AA Walk/Trot Pleasure 10 and under Championship 2004
Top 5 HA/AA English Show Hack Championship 2003
Top 5 HA/AA Country English Pleasure AO Championship 2003

Arabian Youth National Championships 2006
Top 10 HA/AA English Show Hack JOTR 17 and under Championship
Top 10 HA/AA Country English Pleasure JO 13 and under Championship

We had the pleasure of breeding this lovely mare when we were able to lease her dam from Steve and Nancy Pope. We were the proud owners of her grandsire, Eagle El Hilal.


Youth brings home honors
By Joey Jones| Staff Writer
Thursday, May 29, 2008

Augusta's Raven Gropp, 10, recently won the showmanship class in the Region 12 championship in Perry, Ga., on Daencin In The Dark (left), a Friesian/Arabian horse. She is joined by Glenfiddich.

Raven Gropp waited patiently alongside her Friesian/Arabian horse for the judges' decision at the 31st annual Arabian & Half Arabian Championship Show in Perry, Ga. earlier this month.

She had just finished her presentation in the showmanship class, a competition where the rider walks alongside the horse. The scoring for this competition is based on that person's style of showing the horse.

Raven, a rising sixth grader at Episcopal Day School in Augusta, has been going to the regional since she was 5 years old but had yet to win.

So as she and her horse, a 9-year-old black mare named Daencin In The Dark, stood in a line with the other competitors, they awaited a unique way to learn their fate. Instead of the winner being called by name, a song is played with the horses' name in the lyrics.

Over the sound system, Bruce Springsteen began to play.

"When the song started to play, I just stood there," Raven said.

What she didn't immediately realize was the song was Dancing in the Dark , from 1984.

"I didn't know the song," said Raven, who is 10. "Someone had to come up to me and say 'You won!' and I was just like, 'I did?' "

The Region 12 championship, which has competitors from states throughout the southeast, is considered one of the most prestigious equestrian events in the nation.

"They say if you can win in Region 12, you can win at nationals," said Raven's mother, Jeanne Gropp, referring to the Youth National Championships in Albuquerque, N.M.

Which makes it all the more impressive that Raven came away with seven top-5 finishes in classes ranging from sport horse to hunter pleasure.

Raven attributes her success to the hours she spends working with the horses at Augusta's Hidden Forrest Equestrian Center.

The 25-acre Jackson Road ranch is owned by her parents on property that has been in the family since it was bought by the road's namesake, William Arthur Jackson, in 1864. There, Raven spends hours after school working with the 15 horses the family owns. Six of the horses are owned by Raven, including Daencin In The Dark and her other champion show horse, Champagne.

"It's just like sports, you have to practice every day. The horses have to practice every day," Jeanne Gropp said. "You have to take them through their different gates, their walk-trot-cantor, having them do it when you tell them to. Hopefully, they will avoid bucking or doing anything foolish."

The thorough training is a must to enjoy success on the national level.

Raven did just that last year, finishing in the top 10. But the Gropps don't plan on making a return trip to Albuquerque this year, due to the rigors of the 1,500-mile journey.



Daen x Bint Knazeera (Straight Egyptian Arabian)



Now owned and loved by Kendall Eshleman of Wooster, Ohio.

Starting her career in dressage


Wizard x Coinage Gem (Appaloosa)








Also known as Sweetheart


Registered half Arabian

Bay 2000 Mare


Wizard x Black Valvettrose (Arabian)



Wizard x Eagles Sonnet (Arabian)



Igram B. x Hawksana Snow (ApHA)



2006 - 2007

Igram B. x Jet Along (Arabian)




Wizard x DHA Athena


3/4 Friesian



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