2014 Sales list

prices good until June 30, 2014



DARKEST KNIGHT - AHA#577045 (Black Valvett x La Manchas Ebonit) 2000, black gelding with three white socks. Going well under saddle. Very athletic and willing. $500.

DARK DANCE - AHA #577047 (Black Valvett x Sovreign Ashia) 2000 black gelding with four white socks. Makes a stunning pair with Knight. Has been raised with Knight and worked as a roman riding team. Going well under saddle. $500.

Will sell the pair of geldings together for $750.



CLONONEEN AIFRIC - (Foundation bred) 2001 mare, Homozygous for Tobiano, Homozygous for Black. Rides. Superior broodmare, very sweet and gentle. Imported from Ireland. Registered with the Gypsy Horse Association and the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. In foal to King of the Road for a March 2015 foal. $15,000.

CLONONEEN AIREALL - (Foundation bred) 2000 mare, Heterozygous for Tobiano, Heterozygous for Black. Rides and drives. Great producing broodmare, sweet and gentle. Imported from Ireland. Registered with the Gypsy Horse Association and the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. $20,000..

GALWAY GIRL - (SD Joe x Clononeen Etaine). An early Christmas present for us, born December 22, 2012. STUNNING!!! ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!! GG is a black blagdon with 4 high white socks, bald face and both eyes are a glacial blue!! She is named after the wonderful song GALWAY GIRL sung by Celtic Thunder. Our vet told us it would be a filly. She was absolutely right!! PRIVATE TREATY.

EIRIGH (RISE UP) - (SD Joe x Moira). Born January 20, 2013. This filly is almost a twin of Galway Girl!! She has brown eyes and three white stockings. She has unique facial markings, her blaze looks like an up arrow. She is so much fun and quite athletic. She and GG will make a great matched driving pair!! She was born on Championship Sunday and is named after the Atlanta Falcons' team saying. Even though they did not win, this filly is a champion for us!! $10,000.

THE HIGHWAYMAN OF TNT - March 11, 2014. (King of the Road x Serenity). This black and white colt is everything we anticipated. Serenity is a stunning chestnut and white daughter of the Champion stallion, Flash of Gold, owned by Desert Jewel Gypsies. She was purchased with breeding to Roady in mind. Gunny may be homozygous for tobiano, he carries the black and chestnut gene. $7,500.

FAITH OF THE HEART OF TNT - March 7, 2014. (King of the Road x Rhoslyn of Mill Cave). A highly anticipated filly out of our outstanding daughter of Dunbrody and from the lovely Bennacht. Faith is stunning!! She is a bay and white filly, homozygous for tobiano and black. She has the perfect marking of a heart on her left butt cheek, hence her name. I could not have asked for a better filly!!! Faith has already stolen our hearts...steal her before we change our minds about selling her. $10,000.

Watch here for news of our outstanding foals due in 2015!!


MUIRNIGH OF TNT - Born June 13, 2012 (GCC King of the Road x CF Cherish) Heterozygous tobiano, half Arabian/half Gypsy, bay and white filly. This is a very elegant filly, definitely a different look than our full blood gypsies. Very unigue with minimal white, lovely star and snip, white over her withers and a white tail. Three high white stockings and a white sock. Eligible to be registered with the Arabian Horse Association and the Gypsy Horse Association. This lovely filly is a one of a kind breeding, never to be repeated. She is half sister to our Bashirr and Jadzia. $3,500.


Half Friesian

SPELLBOUND - May 2011 ( The Wizard x Coinage Gem) Half Friesian/Half Appaloosa. BLACK filly!!! DNA has been done and she has been found to be a smokey black. She carries the cream gene and could produce palominos for her new owner. This cross produced the colorful and stunning Sorceror's Apprentice. Eligible to be registered with all the American Friesian cross registries. Spellbound is the last filly of The Wizard. $3,500

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