Clononeen Brian Boru x Clononeen Etaine

April 26, 2004

Black Blagdon Mare

Registered Gypsy Horse # GHA00106

Gypsy Vanner, # 0177F1

Our sweet Irish Lass, imported in utero in 2003


Thanksgiving Day

Joe and Moira gave us a stunning black blagdon filly, Eirigh on January 20, 2013

Eirigh is Gaelic for Rise

She was born on Football Championship Sunday,
the arrow of her blaze reminded us of the Atlanta Falcons' slogan,
Rise Up.



King of the Road and Moira gave us the lovely Mecca in June 2011





Starting off with becoming a mum!!

Court Jester by King of the Road

Dealing with kids can make your hair stand on end

There are days she cannot do a thing with it

Wonder if he will be as hairy as Moira

Uh...Mum...can you see me?

Does this baby make my butt look big?

Giving up motherhood and preparing for 2010 Breyerfest


2009 at Breyerfest



January 2005, Moira as a yearling....and HAIRY!!

At the Alabama Horse Expo

Showing in halter at the Georgia National Fair,
Perry, Georgia, October 2005


Can you say Mighty Mini Wooly Mammoth?






Proud mother, Etaine shows off her filly.

3 weeks and growing...



Moira was named in honor of the courageous Moira Smith of NYPD.



MOIRA SMITH came out of the Trade Towers with an injured man, then re-entered the Trade Towers to try to save others.
She was the only female, NYPD officer killed on 9/11.