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T-N-T Arabians and Friesian Sport Horses are the result of a young girl's dreams and a loving husband's desire to make those dreams come true. Unfortunately time goes by and the young have become older, but the desire and dreams continue to grow and be nourished with age.

Established in 1985 by Toni and David Tidwell, T-N-T Arabians grew to feature the elegant and classical Egyptian and Egyptian-related Arabian horse. From our bloodlines have come horses of great beauty, athleticism and intelligence.

1995 was a very sad year with the loss of Toni's father, Ralph Patrick Pass, Jr., in August. He was the hidden force behind T-N-T.

We became T-N-T Arabians and Friesian Sport Horses in 1996.

In 1996 we added variety to our program with the exciting cross of Arabians with the stunning Friesian and the ever elegant Andalusian. Our crosses are currently shown under our Sporthorse heading. The oldest Friesian cross mare is being enjoyed as a riding horse as well as a driving horse. We have found the joy of participating in Combined Driving Events as well as Pleasure driving shows. Visit with our crosses at SPORTHORSES .

In 2000, the macho Friesian colt, The Wizard expanded our horizons even more. What a noble breed, the Friesian. They will compliment our elegant Arabians. Wizard stands 16.2 in his barefeet.

2000 was also a sad year with the loss of our Arabian stallion, Eagle El Hilal.

2002 brought more news. More changes. Our first FPS registerd purebred Friesian filly, Geesha, arrived from Arkansas......Our black, SE Arabian stallion, TH Dreamchaser left on his own new adventure after having a wonderful show year and the arrival of his first foals. Our Arabian crossbred foals leaving in 2002 include the Andalusian cross Lynwood Windsong and Friesian crosses Cloud Daencer, River Daencer and Daex. Eagles Sonnet (Eagle El Hilal x Khemos Spirit - Khemosabi++++) returns to TNT to join in the Sporthorse program. 2002 has had an international flavor as Dreamchaser leaves for Saudi Arabia and Cloud Daencer's new owner lived in Japan.

2003 found us with one lovely half Andalusian filly...Fancy certainly is living up to her nickname!

2003 also brought to Georgia, a peach of a horse with a funny accent. Coming all the way from Ireland will be our first Gypsy Vanner!! We have been advised that she was the first registered Gypsy Vanner in the state. She will not be our last as she is in foal to a wonderful stallion. CLONONEEN ETAINE is very welcome.

2003 also brought another dimension to T-N-T. Our Daen daughter, Love Daencer came home after being in competition with Tom Hilgenberg in CDE's and Pleasure shows. She did not rest on her laurels (by the way, she was long listed to represent the U.S.A. at the World Singles Championships in Sweden in 2004!!!) Instead, Love taught Toni how to drive and David how to be a Hubbagator. CDE's will never be the same. It is Love competing at Pine Top in Georgia shown on our home page.

2004 has started with us saying goodbye to two wonderful Straight Egyptian mares. Tamuuh, daughter of *Simeon Shai now lives in Idaho with Nancy Wight and SL Alicia has moved to Texas with Shana and David . Our black bay straight Egyptian colt, Chasing Thee Dream has moved to Florida with Chris and Diane Sweeney.

Flash Daencer has moved on to new digs as well. We wish him and his new owner luck. This is one bold moving, exciting, breathtaking Friesian cross.

Love Daencer was honored to be highlighted in the 25th Anniversary Issue of the Arabian Horse Magazine, Feb./Mar. 2004.

The end of 2004 came with another well loved gelding finding a great new home. Curzon moved on to Ohio, we wish him the best in his training.

The beginning of 2005 will be colorful with the addition to Wizard's Women, Hawksana Snow aka Lady Liberty from Washington State. She is a black and white APHA mare. Later in 2005 she traveled on to Florida to become a Sunshine Girl with Mary Rivers-Downey.

Our foals for 2005 came along and wowwed us!! Little did we know that the Daen babies would be our last as the great stallion was laid to rest in November of 2005.

Wow...is it 2006 already? Time flies when you are retired. Yes, Toni finally retired November 18, 2005 and has yet to look back or come in for a landing.

The year started out with the Georgia Horse Fair in January with 3 Gypsy Vanners and Love Daencer attending. What a great time was had by all!!

This is the first year we did not have any foals.....well....that is wrong. Bint Knazeera travelled on lease to Idaho where she gave Nancy Wight an exquisite filly in May.

Toni took part of that ole retirement money and added to the broodmare band....yup...more horses. Joining TNT in the fall of 2006 will be Clononeen Aifric. She gave her owners in Ireland a lovely gray and white filly and will come to the States in the fall after being bred for 2007.

An Appaloosa mare has joined the harem of Wizard....take a look at Gem, she is a true treasure.

Hawksana Snow gave Mary Rivers-Downey and Toni a lovely half Friesian filly that is stunning!! Yes she is a black and white tobiano!!

2007 was a year of ups and downs. The loss of Toni's mother, Lois (Lynn) Nancy Ellen Lineberger Pass to Alzheimers came on March 23. Due to Toni's hospitalization at the same time, she was unable to say her final goodbyes to her mother at the funeral. It was through Lynn's family that Toni gained her love for horses and taking them into the house.

While Toni was hospitalized, Geesha gave T-N-T a lovely Friesian colt that now belongs to Mary Rivers, David played midwife. Also born in 2007 was Wizard's first colt, a buckskin Appaloosa colt, The Sorceror's Apprentice. Aifric also gave us a lovely filly, Ciera by the Irish stallion, The Hustler.

T-N-T participated in the Breyerfest Celebration in Lexington, Kentucky in July as well as the Feathered Horse Classic in Perry, Georgia in October.

Clononeen Aireall joined the herd thanks to Barb Cross in California.

2008 also had a sad start with the loss of David's mother, Rose Marie Haines Tidwell January 23. She and her late husband, Marcus enjoyed watching the horses and are sorely missed.

Mary Rivers' Arabian mare gave T-N-T the first filly by Wizard. DHA The Sorceress is marked exactly like Love Daencer. Our Khemosabi daughter, Eagles Sonnet gave us a bay colt by Wizard, The Sorceror's Spell.

Toni competed one last time with Love Daencer in the Great Oaks CDE in April, Love Daencer died in June. There is a tremendous hole in our hearts.

In October, Gaelic Padraig left for Minnesota and Quad L flew all the way in from England to join us. Clononeen Aifric moved to south Georgia and was bred to Flash of Gold for Button and Kenny Lee.

Ciera moved to California and Seabra moved to Oregon.

2009 Clononeen Aireall gave us a great filly (Serrafina) by GCC King of the Road in September. Serrafina went on to live in California.

DHA The Sorceress is now being called Little Love as she is continuing to grow and look just like her aunt, Love Daencer.

Clononeen Aifric gave Button and Kenny Lee a stunning black and white filly in March by their lovely palomino stallion, Flash of Gold.

Things really popped! On March 30, 2009, Black Valvettrose gave us another Wizard filly, this time in solid black!! We have named her Saphirra.

Easter Sunday gave us a wonderful sunrise with the birth of Caisc. He is the first foal by Gaelic Padraig and is out of our premier mare, Clononeen Etaine.

2010... already 10 years since Y2K and the lack of armageddon. So we are moving along.

On January 1, 2010, Caisc moved to Louisianna with Susan Brown. We have pictures of him getting in and out of a cargo van. He is well loved and is enjoying his new life.

Our lovely imported mare, Moira became a mum for the first time in February. Court Jester made his appearance on February 7 and is by our stallion, King of the Road. Jester is now owned by Jose and Norma Cruz.

March came and with it came, Fantasia. She is a daughter of Wizard and out of the lovely Appaloosa mare, Gem. Bubbette, as she is called, is the full sister to our Bubba (The Sorceror's Apprentice). She is buckskin and starting to get her Appaloosa coloring.

DHA Athena gave us a lovely, LOVELY filly by Wizard in April, Enchantress is going to be big and black.

June 9 arrived and with it came Road Warrior. Etaine snuck this one in on us two weeks early. He is very very sweet and correct.

2011...Another year has come. We gained a new Gypsy stallion, SD Joe. He was imported from England by Black Forest Shires and Gypsies and then traveled to Desert Jewel. Joe is the sweetest stallion I have ever met. On my 60th birthday I was presented with a birthday cake with Joe's picture. How wonderful!!

Quad L moved to Minnesota.

Wizard and Geesha went to new homes. Geesha is in north Georgia and became a mother with a colt by Wizard. Wizard became a gelding when he moved to Florida.

Our last Eagle El Hilal son, Final Eagle, had to be put down due to a broken ankle suffered from a pasture accident.

Etaine gave us a stunning colt by King of the Road on April 28, the day the deadly tornadoes went through Georgia. Windspinner was born with a twister on his rump.

Our Arabian mare, Jadzia surprised us with a lovely bay, half Friesian filly, Wizard's Summer Surprise. Seems she hid the filly from the vet's ultrasound machine when we had her checked in 2010. She has been claimed by our granddaughter, Shelbe.

Gem, our Appaloosa mare gave us a surprising half Friesian filly as well. Spellbound appears to be black, no traces of Appaloosa coloring like her full brother, but she is an unusual color. Genetic testing shows that she is a smokey black, a first for us.

The Sorcerers Apprentice, full brother of the above filly colored out as a varnish Appaloosa, he now has one green eye and one brown eye.

Our granddaughter's half Arabian mare, Touch of Rose died from old age.

We had two more foals by King of the Road. Moira gave us a filly, Mecca and Aifric gave us a colt, Bogo. They were born on the same day and unfortunately died at the age of 2 months due to Eastern Encephylitis. Both mares were up to date on their shots and the foals should have been covered by their dam's immunity. Needless to say, we are now reassessing our shot program for foals still at their dam's side. We lost them a week after we lost Rose.

Road Warrior went to his new home in Taylorsville, Georgia with Tina Evans of Dry Creek Naturals.Tina raises sheep and mohair goats that she processes and sells the fiber. Since Toni is an active spinner, she is enjoying this new source of fiber.

2012..came in with an unpleasant surprise. Etaine lost her black blagdon colt by Joe, he was stillborn a month early. Sometimes breeding horses can be so heartbreaking. The last 6 months were certainly a lesson.

Windspinner went to West Virginia with his new owner, Kathy Moore. We know she will be very very pleased with him.

Etaine is now back in foal to Joe for a February 2013 foal. Also in foal to Joe for 2013 is Moira, this one should be big, black and very very correct.

Aireall is in foal to King of the Road for 2013 as well.

Bad news came from Tina Evans, Road Warrior was killed by lightning. Her dream of having a Gypsy horse was cut short. We hope to have her back into Gypsy ownership in 2013,

Another surprise came in June, CF Cherish, our 24 year old premier Arabian mare, retired from breeding at the age of 16 decided that King of the Road was the cat's meow and presented us with a gorgeous bay and white half Gypsy filly, Muirnigh. Muirnigh is Gaelic for cherish. She is very very lovely, has been described as a porcelain statue.

Our wonderful Corgi, Haley died at the age of 12. We could not be Corgi-less, so from Jeff and Lisa Pederson of Utah came the lovely tri-headed black Corgi, Diamonds and Lace. Lace is featured on our front page.

Enchantress left us for her new home in Lizella Georgia at Sun Valley Arabians. The Sorceress kept her company during the trip but will return to T-N-T in the fall after being trained to ride by Trey Anderson. Congratulations to Holly Anderson on her purchase of Enchantress.

Our annual trip to the Kentucky Horse Park and Breyerfest had to be cancelled. I am finally getting a new knee.

In the fall, our granddaughter, Shelbe will be a senior in college in pre-vet. Our daughter, Diana will be in nursing school. Where does the time go?

We were blessed to have the wonderful Egyptian related stallion, EAGLE EL HILAL
for 11 years as our foundation sire.

EAGLE is now gone but will live on through his beautiful sons and daughters.

We now own one Eagle daughter and two Eagle sons to continue his legacy . We are thrilled with JADZIA as well as the geldings, BASHIRR and FINAL EAGLE (Ken). Eagle's son, Bashirr is thrilling us with his performance as a riding and driving horse for the family.