November 9, 2002.

Dawn is breaking, I snuggle deeper in the bed, pull the comforter up to my chin. Its too early to get up, I hit the light on my watch and it is only 6:45! Damn bladder!! Maybe it will wait another hour, it is Saturday, the one day I get to sleep in till 8. It is cool in the house, the blinds keep out the dawn, it is quiet, just another hour....please.

Outside I hear a tiny, Wheeeeee! I lazily lay in the bed, saying to myself, its Saturday please wait another hour. ....................... TINY WHEEEEE????? ........... Wait a minute! We do not have any tiny Wheeees out in the front paddocks!!!! Heck the 26 year old quarter horse has not talked in years!! I throw myself across the bed and peek out the in the driveway that I can see. It is light, the morning mists are swirling, 42 degrees.....nothing out of place. But a tiny wheeee??? This IS NOT normal.

I just have to get out of bed and go check. I stagger as the knee says, hey I do not work this fast in the early morning...slow down. I go through the dining room and into the den headed for the back door....I hear??? A DIESEL!! What a glorious sound a diesel engine makes on an early November, mist shrouded Saturday Georgia morning!! I peek out the top windows of the door, YES!!! Its the truck with GEESHA!!!

I move faster now, going back to the bedroom, throwing open the door telling hubby and the dogs, THEY'RE HERE!!!! I hear a tiny groan, not know which dog or was it hubby? Oh well....get a move on!!! Damn, got to find clothes, do I need to comb my rats nest before going out? Well just run the brush through for an effort that is all! Darn....where is the camera? Where is a disk? She was not due until noon!!! The people coming to see her get off the trailer probably are still snug in their beds!!

Heck, this is my special moment.....just as special when our first Friesian, The Wizard got here....just as exciting!!! Maybe a tad bit more!! It has been a real hard time trying to get the right hauler to Arkansas to pick her up.....there is no way to get from there to here that is easy. She is soooo young, just 5 1/2 months!! Oh my!!

I throw open the back door and literally throw the Jack Russell in the backyard.....the Corgi will take another 2 hours before she decides to get out of bed. Bill Tapp climbs out of the truck and tells me Lynn his wife had told him I would be waiting for her and he guessed he needed a louder truck. But you weren't due till noon Bill!! But that is fine, she can get off now as she is here already!! Gotta find a disk while he gets ready to unload her. Finally the moment is at hand, I see her in her box stall, another tiny WHEEEEE goes through the air. The ramp is finally ready and Bill and she come down the ramp.....Geesha is on Georgia soil!! She is finally HOME!!!

In true Friesian fashion, she makes her presence known.....pushes me out of the way to look around. MY OH MY....she is truly BEAUTIFUL!!

Oh my, oh I hyperventilating? Is this day real? Am I just dreaming? She meets her new daddy and he gives her a hug......and says, well she is a Friesian, she has an ugly head.....I would like to hit him and tell him, no it is a gorgeous Friesian head ....and her eyes...oh her wonderful dark lovely eyes!!

I take her to the barn, she prances all the way, looking at all the new boogers along the way. All the rescued dogs that are barking out welcomes, the weanlings and yearlings in the next paddock trotting up and down trying to get her attention, she is sooooo lovely!! The broodmares in the pasture, line up at the fence wanting to know about this exotic dark stranger in the misty Georgia light. Oh no, the stall is not ready, she was not due until does not have the freshest shavings...oh well, welcome to are family. She goes in a stall and starts calling, calling for a friend. I immediately go to a paddock and get Ravven, our yearling Eagle El Hilal arabian filly, her new roommate .... Ravven knows that something is up and she is ready, she is prancing, she wants to know who the new dark exotic stranger is!! I put her in the stall next to Geesha... Geesha immediately stops calling. Life is good.

While Geesha and Ravven eat their breakfast and become friends, I come to the house to tell my friends of the news.......well wait a minute, hubby has been so wonderful about letting me get Geesha, he has worked like a dog for two days cleaning up around the garage and carport for people coming to look at horses to buy today, but then called last night to cancel...he is sore, tired and a wonderful person.....I stop in the kitchen and make him a big friends on the internet must wait. After all.......David is the chief manure mover here now that he has retired!!!



2002 friesian filly

Geesha with her new dad...David


Geesha, prior to leaving her lovely mother.

In the 2002 keuring in Troy, Missouri, Geesha made second premie!!

Geesha has a prestigious pedigree.....


DAM: ODIELIA ster (Tjimme)



1995 - First premie rating and champion filly at her keuring.



1999 - First premie rating and champion filly at her keuring.

2002 - STER!!!

Many thanks to Toni and John Raczynski of Mountain Home, Arkansas for entrusting this wonderful filly with us.

She is a dream come true!

Some days more than others....

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