Imported from Ireland

Gypsy Horse Association Registration #GHA00107

GVHS registered #0113F

Her name is Celtic and means "Daughter of the Ocean's Horses"

As the song says, "Isn't she lovely!!"

Etaine is the start of our Irish adventure.

Video of ETAINE in Ireland


Here Etaine gives granddaughter Shelbe and grandson Erik a ride.

In January 2004, Etaine took part in the Georgia Horse Fair in Perry, Georgia along with Kaeli belonging to Kim Osborne. They were the first Gypsy Vanners presented in Georgia.

She sure looks taller than 14.2!!

On April 26, 2004, Etaine gave us a lovely, woooooooly filly!!!


The elegant, etherial Etaine is quite the mother.


In 2004, Etaine was bred to the very first Gypsy Vanner stallion of America, the charming and breathtaking, CUSHTI BOK.

On April 21, 2005, we got a lovely, sweet filly!!!



Low Bridge

Eileish moved to California in January 2006.

Etaine was a hit at the Georgia National Fair, Perry, Georgia October 15, 2005.

Here she is shown by Shelbe Harry.



After participating in the halter classes, Etaine found time to let kids and parents sit on her. She is decorated with spiders for Halloween.

Etaine again appeared at the Georgia Horse Expo, January 2006

In Costume

She aided in a side saddle demonstration, she had never carried a sidesaddle before


BREYERFEST, Lexington, Kentucky, July 2006

in conjunction with the Black Pearl Friesian Troupe


In 2007, she continued her appearances,
the Georgia Horse Expo, January 2007


BREYERFEST, Lexington, Kentucky, July 2007

FEATHERED HORSE CLASSIC, Perry, Georgia, October 2007

Etaine is a busy girl even at home

In 2008, she rendezvoused with Gaelic Padraig and on Easter Sunday, 2009, she gave us CAISC!!

On June 9, 2010, Etaine gave birth to ROAD WARRIOR !!

What a lovely and athletic fellow.

Etaine blessed us with an early Christmas present, Galway Girl!!

Born December 22, 2012

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